Chris McMahon Appears on The BeatiDudes Podcast (video podcast + bonus interview)

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently appeared on The BeatiDudes podcast with hosts Jeff Schiefelbein, Paul Kolker, and Nick Bezner discussing beyond ‘Things Worth Flying For’, the Faith & Finance Score, and Chris’ involvement with various religious institutes. While Chris discussed a wide range of topics with the hosts, he was primarily there to share his thoughts on faith-based investing and making that an integral part of living as a Catholic. When asked what advice Chris would give his 20 year-old self he replied, “I think honestly giving things, you know, confessing our sins and if we believe, right, if we believe in Christ, then those sins are forgiven, I think it’s part of that ego where I continue to beat myself up about those same things over and over again,” President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared. “It’s either your ego or understanding that God Almighty is in charge.”

Check out the bonus Miracle Stories from behind the scenes.

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