Aquinas Wealth Advisors Makes Debut On The Show Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently appeared on the show “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe” ‘Market Call’ to discuss stocks and praises the very IPO that Trainer has in the Danger Zone. “We think there’s a bit of a soft landing, however, we have to be reasonable. We’ve been calling for kind of a pullback and a pullback in the market. We were initially saying that it was going to be in the fourth quarter of this year,” says President and Chief Executive, Chris McMahon. “In January, we pushed that until the April/May time frame. We actually believe there’s another 8-10% in the Dow before the end of the year based on some momentum in the market and some of these IPOs that look like they’re going to break through and crack the ice and reopen the IPO market. We think that stuff is going to drive the index another 8 to 10% this year.” To listen, please visit:

Fox Business Network features Aquinas Wealth Advisors

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently appeared on Fox Business Network ‘Mornings with Maria’ to discuss ‘Fed’s Beige Book raises investors’ concerns of a rate hike return.’ “The September effect is real – we just don’t think it’s real this September,” President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared. “We continue to be bullish in spite of these crazy energy prices. In spite of a number of other things that are concerning, the beige book had a couple of things that really bothered us.” To watch the full clip, please visit:

Aquinas Wealth Advisors featured in Legatus Magazine

Aquinas Wealth Advisors founder & CEO, Chris McMahon, was recently featured in Legatus Magazine’s article entitled “From the Vatican, a ‘good measure’ of investment guidance.” He encouraged Catholic investors to make use of new technology to analyze their investments in order to discover whether companies they fund or might consider funding support agendas opposed to their faith. “We need to be proud of our Catholic faith and ensure our investments reflect what we believe,” he stated. Click below to read the full article:

Refiner’s Fire with Aquinas Wealth Advisors

Aquinas Wealth Advisors founder & CEO, Chris McMahon, was recently featured on the Young Catholic Professionals Refiner’s Fire Episode 31: Establishing Character: Developing a Positive Reputation. Chris gives advice on how to form a positive reputation, what behaviors lead to one, reinventing your reputation if you are not proud of how you are perceived, and more. Click below to watch the full video:

Chris McMahon Appears on The BeatiDudes Podcast (video podcast + bonus interview)

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently appeared on The BeatiDudes podcast with hosts Jeff Schiefelbein, Paul Kolker, and Nick Bezner discussing beyond ‘Things Worth Flying For’, the Faith & Finance Score, and Chris’ involvement with various religious institutes. While Chris discussed a wide range of topics with the hosts, he was primarily there to share his thoughts on faith-based investing and making that an integral part of living as a Catholic. When asked what advice Chris would give his 20 year-old self he replied, “I think honestly giving things, you know, confessing our sins and if we believe, right, if we believe in Christ, then those sins are forgiven, I think it’s part of that ego where I continue to beat myself up about those same things over and over again,” President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared. “It’s either your ego or understanding that God Almighty is in charge.” Please see video below:

And don’t forget to check out the bonus behind the scenes video from the Beatidudes podcast below:

Aquinas Wealth Appears on TD Ameritrade (Video)

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently appeared on TD Ameritrade Trading 360 with host Nicole Petallides discussing ‘BestBuy (BBY) Could Susceptible To Higher Inflation & Recession’ and some current market outlook. “I think they’re going to be in good shape,” President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared. “I think the next time we’ve got to wait for the next kind of computer super cycle, which should be 24 months out. So I think in general, the stock is priced fairly and I think this is OK that they affirm the numbers in this way for sure.” McMahon then notes that the U.S. brick and mortar industry remains overbuilt. To watch, please visit:

Aquinas Wealth Profiled in Barron’s

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently was featured in Barron’s to discuss ‘Here Are DIY Investors’ Biggest Mistakes.’ This piece exploits many common mistakes of do-it-yourself (DIY) investing that financial advisors often encounter. President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared with Steve Garmhausen that, “DIY investors tend to get super concentrated in one area. This puts your risk metrics out of whack and would not pass professional scrutiny.” He also mentions, “lots of people say, ‘Oh, microchips are going to be in everything.’ So they’ll go out and buy five different chip manufacturers and say they’re diversified. The problem with that is that companies in a sector, and particularly in the tech sector, have a tendency to move as a pack.” To read the full article, please visit:

Aquinas Wealth Advisors Featured in Barron’s

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently was featured in Barron’s discussing ‘How Faith-based Funds Are Evolving to Address Climate Change.’ This article touches on the fact that the Vatican’s publication of its investment guidelines, Mensuram Bonam, in November 2022, was an important turning point for faith-based investors. President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared with the publication that, “Most [faith-based fund companies] are trying to screen out things like [companies involved with] abortion and pornography. It’s an enormous lift for these firms to pivot and then add this kind of environmental stuff.” the direct-indexing trend “really exciting” for faith-based investors. Returning to the analogy of a garden, having a portfolio perfectly matched to one’s values at a lower cost is an efficient way for investors to both “work it and keep it,” as the Bible suggests. To read the full article, please visit:

Aquinas Wealth Featured in Financial Advisor Magazine

Aquinas Wealth Advisors President and CEO, Chris McMahon, recently was featured in Financial Advisors Magazine’s to discuss as banking fears grow, advisors keep saying ‘don’t panic’. McMahon shared that in a sense, it’s a case of a few bad apples, “the recent bank failures are not an accurate representation of the financial sector.” To read the full article, please visit: