Top Practices To Raise Your Faith & Financial Score

Investing in reliable and moral companies is vital to a healthy investment portfolio. At Aquinas Wealth Advisors, we have made it our job to help you associate your investment choices with your beliefs as a Catholic. In order to rate the moral success of your portfolio, we have created the faith and finance score. If you are looking to improve your score and your investment portfolio, here are four practices you need to keep in mind.

Pick Reliable Companies

Investing in companies that support your beliefs does not mean making poor investment decisions. If you are trying to increase your faith and financial score, make sure you are investing in reliable companies. In many cases, reliable companies will also be moral in their activities and business workings.

Invest in Moral Value, Not Financial

When investing, it’s unfortunately easy to invest in successful companies that do not support your beliefs as a Catholic. If you are hoping to increase your score, always think about the morality of your investment over the potential financial benefit to avoid making a decision that will lower your score.

Align Your Faith With Your Finances

When researching potential investments, think about options that align with your faith instead of purely taking your cues from market trends or human advisory boards that may not align with your faith. Curious about what this looks like? Reach out to Aquinas Wealth Advisors today to find out more about aligning your faith with your finances.

Get Strong Advice

You cannot invest both successfully and morally without a little bit of help. Finding a reliable investment advisor to back up your faith-based investing is a great way to reliably and efficiently increase your faith and financial score.

At Aquinas Wealth Advisors, We are committed to helping our clients successfully invest in companies that support your faith-based values. If you are wondering what your faith and financial score is, you can find out for free today! Register today to improve your faith-based investing plan drastically.

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