Setting The Best Financial Goals Starting Out

Are you wanting to build your investment portfolio but not sure where to start? Aquinas Wealth Advisors is an investment firm helping to guide clients through their faith-based investing journey. We’re inspired by the legacy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, who bridged Greco-Roman cultural foundations with Christian principles and helped lay the foundation for modern Western civilization.
Our firm strives to stay true to Catholic moral teachings while achieving solid returns. In this blog post, we will cover four goals you need to set when you begin your investment journey with Aquinas Wealth Advisors. Questions? Contact us today!

Identify Your Investment Objectives

Ask yourself what your goals are for investing and how long you intend to actively invest. Setting these parameters can help guide you as you sort through the investment options available to you. It’s also important to consider whether or not faith-based investing is critical to you.

Determine Your Risk Tolerance

Before making any investment decision, it’s important to understand your risk tolerance level. This means assessing how you feel about taking risks and what types of investments you would be comfortable with. Aquinas Wealth Advisors can guide this front to help determine your investment portfolio.

Set Your Strategy

Once you know your objectives and risk tolerance, it’s time to create a strategy that aligns with them. This will involve making long-term decisions about the types of investments and asset classes you want to include in your portfolio. Aquinas Wealth Advisors can help you create a strategy that takes into account these factors as well as your faith-based values.

Input Your Data

Finally, it’s time to input the data for your investment portfolio. We include this goal for those who want to go the extra mile and track their portfolios in more detail. Inputting a few pieces of data can help you get a better understanding of your portfolio’s performance and make sure it is achieving your investment objectives.

These four goals are essential when you begin investing with Aquinas Wealth Advisors. They will guide you as you work through the investment options available to you and create a strategy that aligns with your faith-based values. Contact us today to get started!