How To Know If An Investment Opportunity Fits Your Values

How To Know If An Investment Opportunity Fits Your Values

As a Christian, investment decisions can be tricky to make, especially if you are trying to make wise decisions that positively affect the lives of others. At Aquinas Wealth Advisors, we have made it our mission to align faith with finances — providing our clients with sound financial advice based in scripture. Investment opportunities present themselves all the time, so how do you decide which ones fit your values as a Catholic? Here are four things to keep in mind when creating your investment portfolio.

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Does it Advance God’s Kingdom?

What does it mean to financially advance God’s kingdom? Investing is first and foremost a way for companies or individuals to raise funding for their growth as a business. This means understanding that the resources we have been given are not ours, but God’s. If you are looking to improve your faith-based investing process, don’t concentrate on the benefits that you may be able to experience from the success of the potential investment opportunity, but instead, consider the impact that investment will have on the business owner(s) and whether or not that business has a mission and goals that align with your values.

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Respect God’s Priorities

God has several priorities lined out in the Bible surrounding finance. The first one is personal financial condition. Are you in debt or owe money in any way? If this is the case, that investment opportunity may not be an opportunity at all! Once your financial condition is in shape and you have enough savings to care for your family and others outside of your family, consider diversifying your investment portfolio to reflect the values outlined in the Word of God. For faith-based investing advisors, reach out to Aquinas Wealth Advisors today!

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Is it a Wise Investment?

Faith-based investing pursues the wisdom of the Lord and maintains an understanding that God’s wisdom, not ours, is the channel by which we should be making investment decisions. As humans, we have limited vision and cannot see the full picture, but God can. When making investment decisions, take current trends and advice into account, but don’t take it as gospel. After all, the “experts” are just guessing assuming that current trends stay consistent. Instead of utilizing only this info in determining your investment portfolio, consider its long-term potential as well as your ability to manage your portfolio. Don’t invest past your ability!

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It Acknowledges God’s Sovereignty

The final aspect to consider when it comes to faith-based investing is that God is sovereign over all. This means recognizing that he is all-powerful and in control of both you and your investing opportunity. When weighing whether or not an investment is an opportunity that matches your values, it’s important to recognize that you are not in control of your investment. When you invest money, you are surrendering money to where God is calling you to! Do you trust the business you are investing in? Are the owners reliable? Do they do work that is consistent and helpful to others? These are all things to consider when you start your faith-based investing adventure.

Your investment portfolio is an important part of your financial state. From choosing the right investments to properly diversifying your assets, there is a lot to consider, especially when you are trying to invest based on your Christian beliefs and values. If you are looking for financial advisors that take your Catholic faith into account, Aquinas Wealth Advisors are here to help you make wise, faith-based investment decisions! For investment advisors you can trust, reach out to us today and improve your investment portfolio and invest in congruence with your faith!