How Has Faith-Based Investing Grown

Faith-based investing has grown to become an increasingly popular option for individuals looking to invest their money while also staying true to their beliefs. Aquinas Wealth Advisors are here to help you with faith-based investing. We are Catholic based and want you to put your money in smart and moral companies. Faith-based investing involves investing in companies and organizations that uphold a certain set of ethics and morals that align with the investor’s faith. Contact us today to start investing morally!

What Is Faith-Based Investing

At its core, faith-based investing is a way for people to invest in companies that promote certain values that are important to them. This could be companies that promote sustainable practices, protect the environment, or companies that are “socially responsible”. Faith-based investors want to invest their money in companies that align with their beliefs and values, rather than just investing in whatever company will make them the most profit.

What Is The Process?

When it comes to developing a faith-based investment portfolio, the process is relatively similar to any other type of investing. Investors must first decide what their investment goals and objectives are, and then work with an investment advisor to create a portfolio that fits their goals and values. One of the advantages of working with an investment advisor is that they can help guide the investor to companies that meet their faith-based criteria.

Faith-Based Investing Has Grown Tremendously

The growth of faith-based investing has been driven by a number of factors. One of the key drivers has been the increasing focus on social responsibility and sustainability in the corporate world. Consumers and investors alike are increasingly demanding that businesses be more environmentally conscious and adhere to certain ethical and moral standards. This has led to a greater demand for companies that meet these criteria, which has in turn created a greater demand for faith-based investing.

Rise Of Technology

In addition to the growth of social responsibility and sustainability, the rise of technology has also enabled faith-based investing to become more accessible. Online investment platforms have made it easier for investors to quickly compare and research different companies that meet their criteria. This has made the process of creating a faith-based investment portfolio much simpler and more efficient.

Overall, faith-based investing has seen significant growth over the past few years. As an increasing number of people prioritize their values and beliefs over profit when it comes to investing, the options for faith-based investing have grown significantly. Aquinas Wealth Advisors is here to get you smartly investing, in a way that works with your personal beliefs. Contact us now!