Aquinas Appears on TD Ameritrade

Aquinas Wealth Advisors President and CEO, Chris McMahon, recently appeared on TD Ameritrade with Caroline Woods discussing some 2023 stock picks and market outlook. Coca-Cola (KO), Target (TGT), and Procter & Gamble (PG) are three of Chris McMahon’s stock picks. He discusses these stocks, as well as areas of the market to keep on your radar. He then goes over what to watch for in 2023. Tune in to find out more about these stocks and the stock market today. McMahon shared that, “the big issues right are interest rates number one, of course, everybody is talking about interest rates, and number two, the unemployment numbers. The way we kind of read the tea leaves here is we think we’re going to see interest rates cooling off in April probably the latest. If that’s the case the unemployment numbers remain relatively reasonable.” To watch, please visit: