At Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠, we believe that good returns and good values are not mutually exclusive. We strive for nothing less than congruence with Catholic moral teaching, and we settle for nothing less than solid returns. Drawing from our expertise gained over decades of combined achievement in wealth management, we are confident that our values aligned investment strategies will yield competitive returns.

Our firm is steeped in tradition and rooted in our Faith, but our tactics are very much Digital Age deploying tomorrow’s technology at the cutting edge. Utilizing emerging capabilities enabled by artificial intelligence and coupled with years of usage of quantitative analytics, Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ is advanced in its technical capability. Within minutes, Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ can provide an investor their Faith & Finance Score℠ – grading existing portfolios based on moral concerns. Providing this analysis free of charge to all is part of the ministerial dimension of our company: we want people of Faith to be completely informed as to what their money is underwriting.