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Within minutes, Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ can provide an investor their Faith & Finance Score℠ – grading existing portfolios based on moral concerns.

Providing this analysis free of charge to all is part of the ministerial dimension of our company: we want people of Faith to be completely informed as to what their money is underwriting.

Many who determine their Faith & Finance Score℠ using Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ exclusive technology will naturally then work with us to help align their investments with their values.

In a world rocked by moral confusion and hesitation to boldly stand for common-sense principles, Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ promises clarity and certainty.

The confidence and satisfaction of knowing that your wealth – the measurable product of your lifetime of hard work, prudence and restraint, and wise decisions – will be allocated in a manner that seeks to minimize exposure to investments that contradict with your deepest-held beliefs is a priceless benefit Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ clients enjoy.

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Our firm is steeped in tradition and rooted in our Faith, but our tactics are very much Digital Age deploying tomorrow’s technology at the cutting edge.

Utilizing emerging capabilities enabled by artificial intelligence and coupled with years of usage of quantitative analytics, Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ is advanced in its technical capability.

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Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠ is inspired by the legacy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, perhaps the greatest philosopher and theologian in history, who bridged massively influential classical Greco-Roman cultural foundations with the completeness, depth, and divine inspiration of Christianity. A Saint and Doctor of the Church, Aquinas’ achievements laid the foundation for modern Western Civilization and its bulwark professional disciplines, including the first practitioners of what we would recognize as financial services in late Renaissance Europe. Aquinas’ vision, genius, and moral clarity are at the core of our firm’s identity and purpose.

At Aquinas Wealth Advisors℠, we believe that good returns and good values are not mutually exclusive.

We strive for nothing less than congruence with Catholic moral teaching, and we settle for nothing less than solid returns. Drawing from our knowledge and experience gained over decades of achievement in wealth management, we expect that our values aligned investment strategies will yield competitive returns.

Advisory board

Aquinas’ Advisory Board is comprised of leading lay, concecrated, and religious leaders thorughout the United States. Each member’s perspective has been created through years of service in advancing Christ’s teachings.

These leaders believe deeply in the mission of aligning faith and finance. Further, they embrace our mission of changing the world by holding companies accountable for their social activism.


  • 1.Empower investors and shareholders
  • 2.Provide corporations an opportunity to reevaluate their giving strategies
  • 3.Stand united and reconnect the faithful to their finances

The board meets periodically to review and reaffirm Aquinas’ core values. The board is an invaluable resource who continually assess and strengthens our processes. We advance together relying upon each individual’s gifts.


Financial planning that can take into
account your complete financial picture


Tech-smart portfolios that aim to manage
your funds strategically and efficiently


Working with a fiduciary that works in
your best interest


The convenience of having all your
accounts in one place


Transparency in your investments’
corporate activities


A comprehensive values-based
planning process