Aquinas Wealth Advisors Makes Debut On The Show Money Life with Chuck Jaffe

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently appeared on the show “Money Life with Chuck Jaffe” ‘Market Call’ to discuss stocks and praises the very IPO that Trainer has in the Danger Zone. “We think there’s a bit of a soft landing, however, we have to be reasonable. We’ve been calling for kind of a pullback and a pullback in the market. We were initially saying that it was going to be in the fourth quarter of this year,” says President and Chief Executive, Chris McMahon. “In January, we pushed that until the April/May time frame. We actually believe there’s another 8-10% in the Dow before the end of the year based on some momentum in the market and some of these IPOs that look like they’re going to break through and crack the ice and reopen the IPO market. We think that stuff is going to drive the index another 8 to 10% this year.” To listen, please visit: