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How Can Catholics Align Their Faith and Finances?

The connection between faith and finances has gained significant attention in recent years. Shareholders, who once had control over asset distribution, have seen a shift in influence. In the past 15 to 20 years, companies have become more vocal about their social stances, which often diverge from the beliefs held by people of faith, particularly Catholics. Many investors remain unaware of where their money goes once invested, leaving them unintentionally supporting positions and companies that contradict their faith. Aquinas Wealth Advisors has developed technology to provide faith-based investors with insights into where their money is going and identify potential violations of investing rules.

Increased Visibility into Social Stances

Over the years, there has been a noticeable increase in companies openly sharing their social stances. Unfortunately, many of these positions directly oppose the beliefs held by people of faith, including Catholics. The rise of socially conscious investing has made it crucial for investors to have a clear understanding of where their money is being allocated and whether it aligns with their faith.

Technology for Faith-Based Investors

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recognizes the importance of empowering faith-based investors with the knowledge of where their investments go. Leveraging technology, they have developed tools that provide investors with transparency and insights into the social and ethical practices of companies. Through this technology, faith-based investors can identify any violations of investing rules and ensure their investments align with their beliefs.

Awareness and Guidance

Awareness surrounding the issue of aligning investments with faith has grown significantly. As a result, the demand for financial advisors who understand and respect religious values has increased. Approximately 50% of financial advisors identify as Catholic, indicating a recognition of the need for faith-based guidance in investment decisions. Aquinas Wealth Advisors is dedicated to assisting faith-based investors in making informed choices that are congruent with their beliefs.Aligning faith with finances has become a pressing concern for many individuals, especially those who adhere to strong religious beliefs. We understand the desire of faith-based investors to support companies that share their values and avoid investing in those that contradict their faith. Through the utilization of technology and their commitment to empowering investors, we provide faith-based individuals with the tools and guidance needed to make investment decisions that align with their religious principles. Start your journey towards faith-based investing today and ensure your investments truly reflect your faith.