Aquinas Wealth Advisors Featured in Barron’s

Aquinas Wealth Advisors recently was featured in Barron’s discussing ‘How Faith-based Funds Are Evolving to Address Climate Change.’ This article touches on the fact that the Vatican’s publication of its investment guidelines, Mensuram Bonam, in November 2022, was an important turning point for faith-based investors. President and CEO, Chris McMahon shared with the publication that, “Most [faith-based fund companies] are trying to screen out things like [companies involved with] abortion and pornography. It’s an enormous lift for these firms to pivot and then add this kind of environmental stuff.” the direct-indexing trend “really exciting” for faith-based investors. Returning to the analogy of a garden, having a portfolio perfectly matched to one’s values at a lower cost is an efficient way for investors to both “work it and keep it,” as the Bible suggests. To read the full article, please visit: